Executive Secretary

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The Tanzania Commission for Universities offers some of its services online. Below are the online systems used to deliver online services to its stakeholders:- 

  • Universities Information Management System (UIMS)

This is an online system for managing information for accredited Universities operating in Tanzania. The system is used to collect, process and disserminate information to TCU stakeholders. The information managed includes Undergraduate admission data, student’s enrolment, graduates, staff, student’s drop-outs, University facilities, infrastructure details and revenue and expenditure data. To access the system click  here.


  • Programme Management System (PMS)

This is an online system used by University Institutions to submit curricula for review /approval before being operational. The system is also used by TCU to approve and publish approved carricula. To access the system click here.


  • Foreign Awards Assessment System(FAAS)

This is an online system used by Tanzanians/Non-Tanzanians with foreign awards to submit their awards to TCU for evaluation. To access the system click here.