Executive Secretary

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The Commission (Board of Directors) is composed of the Chairperson who is appointed by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania and members appointed by Minister responsible for Higher Education. The tenure of office for members of the Commission is three years renewable once depending on successful performance. The current Members of the Commission are:-

Names Highest Academic Qualification Position
Prof. Mayunga H.H. Nkunya PhD (Chemistry) Chairman
Prof. Charles Mgone PhD (Medical and Molecular Genetics) Vice Chairman
Prof. Makenya Maboko PhD (Geology) Member
Dr. Kenneth Hosea PhD (Biotechnology) Member
Mrs. Adelgunda Mgaya BA (Public Administration) Member
Dr. Zakia Abubakar PhD (Plant Microbiology) Member
Prof. Lughano Kusiluka PhD (Clinical Microbiology) Member
Dr. Gift Joseph Kweka PhD (International Law) Member
Prof. Charles D. Kihampa PhD (Chemistry) Secretary/Ex-officio Member


Committees of the Commission

The Commission operates through the Committee system. Section 9(1)-(2) and Section 9(3) of the Universities Act, Cap. 346 provide for the establishment  of Committees. Each Committee is given roles and functions. Currently we have five(5) Committees namely; Accreditation Committee, Admission Commitee,  Grants Committee,  Audit Committee and Staff Appointment, Disciplinary and Development Committee. The current Members of each Committee are as shown below:-


Accreditation Committee

  1. Prof. Makenya Maboko  - Chairperson
  2. Prof. Charles Mgone - Member
  3. Prof. Betram Mapunda - Member
  4. Register (ERB) - Member
  5. Executive Secretary (NACTE) - Member
  6. Executive Secretary (TCU) - Member
  7. Director of Accreditation (TCU) - Secretary

Admission Commitee

  1. Prof. Charles Mgone  - Chairperson
  2. Prof. Lughano Kusiluka  - Member
  3. Ms. Aida Juma  - Member
  4. Executive Director (HESLB)  - Member
  5. Prof. Bernadeta Killian  - Member
  6. Executive Secretary (TCU) - Member
  7. Director of Admission Coordination and Data Management (TCU)  - Secretary

Grants Committee

  1. Ms. Adelgunda Mgaya - Chairperson
  2. Dr. Zakia Abubakar - Member
  3. Prof. Ndelilio Urio - Member
  4. Director General (TEA) - Member
  5. Mr. Louis Passian Accaro - Member
  6. Executive Secretary (TCU)  - Member
  7. Director of Corporate Services (TCU) - Secretary

Audit Committee

  1. Prof. Lughano Kusiluka - Chairperson 
  2. Representative from the Attorney general Chambers - Member
  3. To be identified - Member
  4. To be identified - Member
  5. Mr. Juma Muhimbi - Member
  6. Executive Secretary (TCU) - Member
  7. Ms. Roserine Rutta - Secretary

Staff Appointment, Disciplinary and Development Committee

  1. Prof. Charles Kihampa - Chairperson
  2. Mrs. Adelgunda Mgaya - Member
  3. Representative from the Attorney general Chambers - Member
  4. Ms. Hilda P.N. Kabissa - Member
  5. Dr. Aggrey Mlimuka - Member
  6. Prof. David Mfinanga - Member
  7. Director of Corporate Services (TCU) - Secretary